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Hello Everyone! Below are the courses/guides available!

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  • Ethernet Cable Hustle | $19.99 (Lifetime Access)
    • In a world of cutting edge technology and modern WIFI, hardwired Ethernet connections are still the most reliable and secure. Cables are in demand I will show you how I make money making and selling cables.
  • Raspberry Pi Crypto Mining Setup with USB Block Erupter | $19.99 (Lifetime Access)
    • Do you have a USB Block Erupter and a Raspberry Pi? I've created a very simple guide how to setup the Block Erupter on the Raspberry Pi. The Block Erupter was very complicated, needing very specific commands to be ran in order to operate. This guide includes a script that does all the work for you to make everything very easy.
  • Raspberry Pi Crypto Mining Setup with GekkoScience NewPac & 2Pac | $19.99 (Lifetime Access)
    • Do you have a USB GekkoScience NewPac & 2Pac and a Raspberry Pi? I've created a very simple guide how to setup on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Raspberry Pi Web Server Guide | $24.99 (Lifetime Access)
    • Hosting a single website or multiple websites shouldn't cost you a fortune.
      Now you can host your very own website(s) from your Raspberry Pi that sits on your desk! I've created this guide with beginners in mind. From purchasing your domain, SSL certificates, installs, configurations, all the way to the point of your site being available to the world! I walk you through every step of the way. I provide all the steps, commands, and tons of screenshots to make setting up your server for the first time way less challenging!
      You might be thinking, "I'm sure there is a free guide out there for this." Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of guides out there. But they generalized and usually only go through one step of the setup process.
      This guide gives you everything you need, step-by-step with no missing pieces.
    • This Guide Includes the Following:
      • Preliminary Information
      • Update Hostname, Configure Static IP & Change Default Password
      • Getting Your Domain Name & SSL
      • Getting Your Dynamic DNS Service
      • Port Forwarding
      • DDClient (Dynamic DNS)
      • Webmin
      • Apache2 & Virtual Hosts
      • SSL Setup & Certificates
      • SQL
      • PHP
      • WordPress Configuration & Installation
      • Conclusion
  • SOLO (Lottery) Bitcoin Hustle | $17.99 (for 3 months)
    • Since the Bitcoin boom in 2017 more and more people are getting in the game to generate side income. This guide is dedicated to building, configuring, and renting out your bitcoin miner(s). I will walk you through everything you need to know to start selling mining contracts on eBay for passive income.
  • All-Access Hustler | $24.99 (for 1 month)
    • Just like the name suggests, this upgrade will grant access to all the courses/guides on this site. Not only will this upgrade grant the courses/guides available now, but you'll also get any future courses/guides that become available at no additional cost.