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Hello Fellow Side Hustlers!
Thank you for your interest in picking up a new skill that will put some extra money in your pocket.
I've been making Ethernet cables since 2016 and it was simply to save me money from the overpriced big box store prices.
It wasn't until I had a box of cable left over and the supplier I got it from would not let me return it. I should send them a thank you for that because due to that scenario I was able to come up with way to make cables cheap, sell them to people at a price that not only makes me profits, but also saves them from the overpriced big box stores.
That's truly now insanely overpriced cables are, I can take a box of cable, mark it up over 4 times the cost (per foot) and still save the consumer about 50%-75% of retail costs.

Even with modern WIFI technologies, hardwired Ethernet connections are still King.

Take a look for yourself with the speed tests below on my internet connection.
A little back story, here are the speeds I pay for with my cable provider:
200Mbps Download
10Mbps Upload

WIFI Speed Test
***Note*** The WIFI speed test was performed with all other devices in the house disconnected in order to obtain the BEST speed on the WIFI hardware. The more devices that are on WIFI using bandwidth the slower the wireless connection will be. When you have multiple people under the same roof it doesn't take much to really impact the performance of the wireless internet.


Wired (Cat5e) Speed Test
As you can see, hardwired connections will provide the best overall performance. Not to mention you'll be able to use all the speed that your hard earned money pays for.


In the next few sections I will show you the following:
  • Go over the tools and materials needed
  • How to use the tools to attach the connectors to create a working Ethernet cable
  • The platforms I use to make cable sales both online and locally that generates me ~$350/month on average.
    • I will provide the exact listing verbiage I use that I have found to yield the most sales
  • How I manage on-hand inventory in order to keep overhead costs to a minimum. (Less overhead costs means your profitable sooner)
  • How I provide elite service that brings in new customers, and retains them for more sales.
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